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1. How Do IP Addresses Relate to Email Marketing?

IP addresses represent the backbone of reputation for email senders. The IP address reputation as judged by internet service providers largely determines if your emails arrive in the inbox, or if they be diverted to a junk folder. Most large email providers manage the setup of your IP address, and will host you on an IP with other senders who have similar engagement profiles. Your deliverability may be negatively impacted if another sender in your IP address pool blasts out to a purchased email list without prior opt-in consent. That’s why email providers monitor opt-out profiles carefully, and also why larger businesses choose to select dedicated IP addresses even for different segments of email communication between prospects, transactional customers, and lapsed customers.

It is a common practice to warm up a new IP address by throttling up steadily email sends that will distinguish you as a legitimate email sender. Steady increases in volume are better received than large mail list drops. We recommended 15% email list size increments. Rates of email bounce and spam report should be monitored closely and strategically controlled.

2. Should You Buy An Email List Or Promote Opt-In Email Marketing?

Many businesses under-estimate the risks and challenges when buying an email list to solicit cold introductions. While according to CAN-SPAM regulation it is legal to send email correspondence to addresses in the United States without prior opt-in, the practice of sending such cold introduction emails will most likely get you restriction from major ESP providers.

Typical email marketers find better return on investments through utilizing site and social opt-in gateways where explicit contact initiation is signaled by the enroller, and the resulting triggered communications are targeted to the interests of the prospect.

The worldwide number of email accounts has been growing steadily, and consumers have shown that they very rarely abandon accounts.

Marketers are finding that they are 6 times more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than a social media post.

Transactional automated email campaigns typically have more than a 8 times increase in open rates, and a 6 times increase in additional contributing revenue.

Automated email messages average over 70% higher open rates and over 150% higher click through rates than batch email blast campaigns.

3. What Is The Best Email Marketing Software in 2020?

For Small Business Email Marketing Software, we recommend a step up above the most common Constant Contact platforms and recommend MailChimp, because it simplifies enhanced email templates, more easily facilitates split testing, and has better automated campaigns.

For medium to large sized company email marketing software, Hubspot is our hands down favorite. From advanced email list segmentation, to effective reusable email templates, and split testing capacities, Hubspot is a significant email force to recon with.

Email marketing programs that service the Fortune 500 companies and other larger size businesses often compline multiple systems and tracking technologies to deliver end to end email performance. Ignite Visibility helps large businesses through the RFP & new ESP integration process to ensure cutting edge features and tracking capabilities are being utilized. The top email utility recommendation for enterprise companies is SalesForce Marketing Cloud.

When you work with the email marketing professionals at Ignite Visibility, experts will ensure that your business is capitalizing on the most cutting edge email capabilities available for your industry.

4. Which benchmark email marketing metrics are most important?

To be an effective email marketer, an number of important engagement benchmarks should be monitored to ensure engagement is maximized.

Email click rate as a percentage of total emails sent is a common first level indictor of list subscriber engagement success. While email open rate is the first benchmark of open rate success based on the subject line performance, and click through rate based on opens is an important measure of how engaging your email templates are, clicks as a percentage of sends is a combined indicator that summarizes overall engagement effectiveness. Click rate as a percent of emails sent is the first email metric savvy advertisers look to judge performance relative the emails that were sent same time last year, and recent emails that have been sent.

Marketers pay attention to email bounce rate to ensure they stay within ESP mandated levels of subscriber engagement. Segments of email lists with high bounce rates may require retired email address detection services that have been proven to bring bounce rates in alignment with mandated levels.

Spam report rate is another essential email key performance indicator of list quality and campaign performance. Thoughtful email copywriting, email templates, and deliverability best practices can help reduce spam report rates.

Ignite Visibility believes the average number of email campaigns sent per month by industry is an important benchmark of cadence that marketers should consider. The email campaign performance dashboards that we provide includes industry comparisons to easily compare engagement standards based on opens, clicks, and conversions.

Clients who work with Ignite Visibility’s email marketing team find strategy advantage from not only measuring top level engagement indicators, but also by split testing subject lines, email template creative, and email template copywriting to induce optimized response.

5. What’s Most Effective for Email Marketing In 2020?

Email marketing has adapted very well to mobile devices and is quantified as a top ROI marketing channel. Email marketing continue to find value in email addresses that were collected over 20 years ago. The lifetime value of the next email address you collect could be longer than your expected lifetime.

In 2017, Email Marketers have been increasing list growth through pioneering opt-in techniques following gesture intent triggers. A custom email list growth campaign that interjects value through email integrated into key customer path milestones. Gesture responsive messaging has been shown to significantly increase email opt-in rates.

At the high touch expert email marketing agency Ignite Visibility, you will see the benefits of a strategic custom crafted email marketing program that places you best of industry.

Brands in every industry keep a regular cadence of sending email campaigns every month. On average brands are sending seven email campaigns per month. Email marketing guidance from Ignite Visibility can ensure they are outstanding.

Recently, prospects who enquire for email marketing services are receiving a complementary one month email planning guide that shows how to reach new levels of subscriber engagement.

How Can Email Marketing Help Other Marketing Channels Like PPC Advertising, Social Media promotion, and SEO?

The market research firm Econsultancy has shown in an survey of marketers based on channel ROI have shown that email marketing provides the highest level of return, and has recently overtaken the top position for return on investment. To understand why email is so effective for acquisition and retention, it is important to realize that email is like a catalyst for other channels to help close more incremental sales. Clear responsive email onboarding can increase your growth rates. Segmented blast email campaigns can unlock new levels of prospect acquisition and return customer retention. Email marketing’s adaption to mobile engagement to generate sales driving clicks and calls is largely responsible for this channel’s effective contribution.



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