Franchise Marketing Company


Ignite Visibility works with a variety of franchises to craft the perfect online marketing strategy. The strategy is largely based online, and covers campaigns at both the corporate and franchise level.


Step 1 //

Audit existing program

Step 2 //

Develop strategy to attract franchisees

Step 3 //

Develop digital marketing strategy to for franchisees

Step 4 //

Present at franchisee owners meeting

Step 5 //

Deliver monthly and quarterly reporting

Step 6 //

Scale program to increase performance


1. What kind of services are provided at the corporate level?

On the corporate level, Ignite Visibility will get the corporation and the individual franchise pages on the corporate website ranking in various search engines. In addition, Ignite Visibility has the ability to update social media accounts, run social media advertising and launch social media campaigns. Furthermore, Ignite Visibility will set up and execute on pay per click advertising and display ads, adding to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

2. What services are provided at the franchise level?

On the franchise level, Ignite Visibility will offer a general baseline marketing package to all franchises. Ignite Visibility also offers enhanced package opportunities to those who would like to upgrade. The individual packages focus on the following items:

  • Local rankings and reviews
  • Social media updates and social media advertising
  • Local SEO strategies
  • Google Ads campaigns

Although Ignite Visibility has a formula developed through experience, in each case we customize the packages to the individual franchises. In addition, we ensure the franchise marketing strategy aligns closely with the corporate strategy. This allows both to have the same messaging, feel and allows for maximum distribution and reach.

3. How does a franchise attract franchisees?

It’s essential that all franchises have a strategy in place to attract potential franchisees to its business.

You’ll want to start by identifying your ideal franchisee and building a persona. This will help you determine the type of people you want to target and identify the channels they’re most likely to frequent.

Then, you’ll develop a location-based strategy that incorporates local SEO and local advertisements to target the areas you’d like to establish franchises in.

Additionally, a franchise will need a strong brand awareness campaign focused on building trust and recognition. This includes a professionally-designed website and marketing materials, as well as content aimed at education potential franchisees on the benefits of your organization.

It’s also incredibly important that your franchise stay visible at every stage of the marketing funnel. This means maintaining a high rank on Google, staying active on recruitment sites and forums, keeping your content up to date, and collecting strong reviews and user content.

4. What kind of marketing programs do franchises typically offer its franchisees?

Most franchises will provide marketing services at the individual level.

Generally, these require each franchise to provide a designated contribution each month – about $150 – $2,000 per month, depending on the needs of the franchise – and will be highly targeted to each location.

It’s important to note that corporate marketing plans can cause some friction between franchisors and franchisees.

To keep things running smoothly, keep the following in mind:

  • You should set a baseline program, with options to upgrade
  • Each program should be location-specific – this includes direct mail, billboards, radio advertisements, etc.
  • Bring in an expert – this isn’t an easy system to develop, especially for those new to franchise marketing. Consider bringing in an agency that specializes in local advertising and franchise marketing

Specific programs generally include website development (often these are location offshoots linked to the corporate site), social media management, franchise events and support systems.