Nav Prabhat Jan Sewa Sansthan

NPJSS Projects

Vocatonal Centers For Young Girls & Women

The organization has taken a step forward towards making women of weaker section self employed by giving them training of cutting & tailoring, Stitching, embroidery, Agarbatti & detergent making and Handicraft training at our three Vocational training centres located at Ayodhya, Masodha, Faizabad and Hydegahj bazaar Ini past two years 372 beneficiaries got benefitted from these training programs. Some of them employed in two industries i.e Agar Batti factory and detergent factory, and few have started their own business like tailoring shop, Agar Batti and candle making etc. During their Vocational training through our dedicated team members these women are also getting opportunity to attend programs health awareness, sanitation, basic education & Yoga classes.


A dedicated team of the organization is working to help the children who are in distress. Ayodhya being a religious place where almost every month you will see a meal, and people from the entire country come here with their families, because of huge crowed children are lost. Our team helps these families in locating these children. Apart from this we continuously working to help street children, child baggers, and child labours who works on dhabs and tea shops. Since last 2 years we have successfully sent 13 children to school after convincing their families and helped 6 children to go back to their home leaving dhabas after getting promise the will go to school.

Farmers Awareness programs

This year we have started group meetings with farmers along with Agriculture scientist who give them lectures on new technologies of farming. How to check the soils, which crop will be more beneficial to them. It is an interacting session also the farmers are given platform to spesk out their achievements which can de used by the community.

Family Counselling Center

Family means affinity, oneness and co- existence with love. It is the respect, love and trust of each one for other. It is about forgiveness and patience, about freedom, understanding, standing by each other when all else falls. Yet there are times when we forget all about it. We stop to value people who we loved once. We give in to the pressures and demands of a modern life and start taking each other for granted. Discords are common. Sometimes we manage to come out of such a situation and other times not alone, and we need help. After all, everyone deserves a second chance to rebuild what is otherwise lost Nav Prabhat Jan Sewa Sansthan (NPJSS) in association with Central Social Welfare Board New Delhi has started its Family Counseling Centre in Ayodhya, Faizabad,which cover 28 Lac district population out of which females having population of 13 Lac are the major target . At the Nav Prabhat Family Counseling Centre, we strive to settle disputes related to marital discords. Our support services range from providing information, counseling , assistance with behaviour management/modification , conflict resolution, protection, rehabilitation , referral, linking with various agencies, crisis management, providing emergency relief, support, mediation, advocacy, sensitization , generating awareness , capacity building, legal guidance from experts. Marital discord, domestic violence, dowry harassment, divorce, property dispute, neighborhood dispute, sexual harassment/abuse, rape /eve teasing / molestation, child labour / child abuse, love affairs, alcoholism , financial constraints and behavioral problems need not mean the end of the world. Our family counseling services are a hope, a dream of a better life, a new tomorrow, a fresh start. This counseling centre was established 3 years back and till date we have been instrumental for uniting more than 300 families successfully settled more than 100 other cases of dwary, rape victim and domestic violence issues.

Health & Wellness Programme

NPJSS leads the community towards good health program. We Provide better health facilities by organizing health awareness camps in Rural areas where there is really need of a doctor. In these camps we take different specialty doctors who run free OPD there and free medicines are distributed to these patients. We regularly organize HIV/AIDS awareness programs in Faizabad and Sultanpur districts. A lecture for awareness for HIV and Does and dont’s about this dsisese by senior doctor being organized. We had organized a State level Seminar “Decaying Embryo” focused on girl child Ratio, Funded by National Commission For women (NCW) at Sultanpur and a National Seminar “Indian women and Nutrition” on July 12, 2013 at New Delhi, to spread the awareness regarding the women nutrition. This mega event was sponsored by State Bank Of India, DS Group (Catch) and Uco Bank.


Children are future of tomorrow you need to give them a better childhood, motherly care, nutritious food and an environment to grow. Organization has started 10 mobile crèches each with 25 children between 0=6 yrs of age, in Faizabad district. These centers provide an unique place to the children of laboures where both the parents goes to work in brick field, construction sites and Mnrega sites, and nobody is there around to look after these children. Every centre was looked after by two young qualified females with experience of cooking good food and giving these small children a motherly touch in their child hood. These centers had toys to play and books to read were open 9 am to 5 pm.